Thursday, March 31, 2016


When I made my whakapapa first I put myself and my brother then I did my parants,Anuty's and uncle's then my cousins and then my grandparents.

Feedforward/feedback: you could have cropped the photo. I liked how you did it originally on paper rather than a device

Evaluation:I think that I did pretty well for the first time that I have done a family tree.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The haunted cabin camp 2016

We wrote this story about camp because our brains would have exploded if we didn't write this because we would have to many ideas for a price of writing. I did the haunted cabin story because it is my favourite piece of writing that I have done.

The haunted cabin!

I know what your thinking if you read the title what the what? But anyway it all started on the first day Tuesday. Oh and by the way we were all at camp El rancho. The people in my cabin are telenia,Emma.m,Fyfe,maya,Emma.o,Arisha,Izara,Abby,renae and me.we were there to make new friends and to try new things. Everyone went to their first activity we all came back at about the same time and the cabin was all messed up but we tertiary the room perfectly tidy. The next day when we came back from our activities there was toothpaste on the floor don don don. The next day our beds were all messed up. On Thursday there was also writing on the wall and on the bunk bed ladder saying kyla kayla there was also something written on a different ladder but I can't remember what it said. Aparrantly there was something in a different cabin saying #yoloswag. In the same cabin there was writing saying don't put your finger in this hole or you will be trapped and that was above the scary hole.. Maria did not listen she put her finger in and she was fine. Then Libby put her finger in thinking she would be fine but her finger got stuck in the hole.she was screaming and so was l autualy EVREYONE WAS SCREAMING and running away from the cabins.

                                                          The end

Feedback/feed forward: I think that this story is intense because when I was in my cabin I didn't know what was going on in that cabin so i can think like someone else in the world that wasn't at camp.

Evaluation:I think I rote a really good story.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


description:poutama poutokmanua and part of flourish went on camp last week we all went el ranco in wikanai. We got to go on a slip,n,slide and in the pool all of us gotta do that and Nic and Rosie also went down and Rosie went down in her t-shirt OMG. Then we had lunch. After lunch we all did our first activities. Then we had afternoon tea then we had free time.then we had dinner and then we got ready for bed.


Feedback/feedfowrd: I think that you wrote a good reflection in your diary but next time you should write more neatafully.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

My one word

In class we had to pick one word that could help us in our life. And then we had to put that word in to a piece of word is moving I hope you like the art. First Elly took a photo of us like we were holding a sign.

Feedback/Feedforward: I like how u used lots of bright colours to bring together the creativity that u have put in ur sign. Next time you should colour in one direction so it doesn't look skratchy.

Evaluation: I think that I did ok with my art but it could be better by putting the coulors in one way.

Camp goals

I have got two goals for camp my first goal is to make some new friends and making more friends will help me move on in my life. My second goal is to keep my cabin tidy so I can also keep my room tidy as well.