Sunday, July 31, 2016

Discovery time week two

Today I was drawing Manga I was working on doing a basic face and I also did some stitching I started 
 a manga face but I did not work out so I started making a cushion here are some photos next time I am going to try and do more on the Manga face.

Evaluation:I think I did pretty well on the cushion but I could have done better on the basic Manga face.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The beginning of my new house

So this is the beginning of my new house that is being built. I have some pictures and a video. Here are the photos and the 🎥 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Slc reflection

How do you think you did on your slc?what was your highlight?
I think I did pretty well at my student-led conference. My highlight was getting my report.

What did you do differently make your slc stand out?
I tried to use more expression in what I was saying.

How will you make your home-led confrence in term 3 be awesome?what things might you do to make it awesome?
I will get my parents to come somewhere that we don't normally go. I will try to use more expression then I did this time.

Sunday, July 3, 2016


Description: a little while ago Nics class were doing the weather for science and I did enjoy doing this but we did not get our experiment done because the ice didn't melt in time for us to do the experiment  and the thing that I think the best at is studying about the clouds.

feedback: Its good that you enjoyed the research of which experiment to do. feedforwad: Maybe make sure you have time to do the experiment you chose next time. evaluation: i did like this science but it wasn't my favroite science what i really liked is looking up what experiment i was going to do the worst thing about doing weather was the fact that we did not do our experiment.

Te Reo

Description: In Te Reo me and Nalla-Chan have started translating the song Aotearoa into Japanese and we do that every Monday afternoon when some other student's go off to kapa haka, while the rest of the students stay in Poutama to do Te Reo and our project we are translating this song because it is the song that we have been practising in Te Reo. The reason we are translating this song into Japanese is because we are very passionate about Japan.


The lyrics:

Feedback: I think that you did well translating it into Japanese. Harriet
Feedfoward: next time you could just put the video on. Harriet

Evaluation: I think we did really well and i think it is really awesome that we wanted to do this.