Wednesday, November 23, 2016


The most enjoyable part of athletics was long jump because long jump is my favourite thing in athletics 

I was really proud of the fact that I did not come last in distance 

The most challengeing part was distance because we had to run two laps

My goal is to run a lot faster next time and I want to focus on this because 1 I get more exercise 2 I need to be a lot faster if I ever go in a race.

Here are some photos sadly I could not find any of myself but these are some of my best friend Bridget in the yellow top here they are

Monday, November 14, 2016

Maths Statistics

Description: In maths we have been doing statistics and making surveys i am in a group with Bridget and Katie our survey is about the culture in poutama. Here is the survey v-.-v

Book Buddies

Description: in book buddies this term my book buddy is Kiana we are reading Charlie and the chocolate factory i am up to chapter 17 and i think Kiana is up to chapter 28 so i still have to catch up. Book Buddies if you did not already know is something that you have a buddy and you both read the same book and you follow up with them to talk about the book and say how you can relate to it etc.
Here is our slide. v-.-v

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Description: PrEP is preparing for Market day witch was on the 11th of november 2016 the groups were made up of 3 people my group was Katie,Bridget and me Caitlin we made clay sushis but what we were going to to was Katie would make spanish and Japanese food and Bridget and me were going to do drawings but troy said it was not a very good idea to do separate things so we made the clay sushis. We even have our own slide that the group shares and we have to fill things in like what we have spent and what our expected profit was.
This is our slide.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


In writing we have been given a challenge to  advertise a pair of headphones we had to make a logo and a ad.